What Those Warning Lights on Your Dashboard Mean

A Guide to Dashboard Lights

When you start your vehicle, several warning lights likely illuminate as part of the onboard computer system’s processes. Hopefully, most of them stay off after the initial moment of turnover when you are driving. However, you may wonder what they mean. More importantly, if one of them illuminates, you may wonder what you need to do next. Maxed Out Garage in Angier, North Carolina, can answer these questions. These are five of the most common warning lights, what they mean, and how to tell whether you need an auto repair job.

Engine Temperature

If the engine temperature light illuminates, it means that your vehicle’s coolant is outside of the acceptable temperature range. If the light is blue, the coolant is too cold and may freeze. If it is red, it is too hot, and your engine may overheat. In the former case, let the car run for a while. In the latter case, pull over and let it cool down. You may see this light commonly if you live in a cold area as your car warms up to optimal running temperatures. If the light is persistent, see a mechanic for service.

Check Engine

The check engine light comes on when there is a problem with your engine. It could be sometimes simple, or it could be serious. A mechanic can check the trouble codes in your engine’s computer and perform necessary auto repairs. The only way to resolve a check engine light is to visit a professional who has the right diagnostic equipment.

Oil Pressure

Your engine maintains your oil within a certain pressure range. If this drops too low, the light will come on, and it could mean there’s a leak. This light illuminating may also indicate a severe problem with your vehicle. In either case, have a trusted mechanic take a look as soon as possible.

Brake Warning

In most instances, the brake warning light comes on when your handbrake is engaged. However, it may also illuminate when your brake fluid is low, or if there is another issue with your brakes. If turning off your handbrake does shut off the dashboard light, see a mechanic for auto repairs.

Tire Pressure

This light illuminates when your tire pressure is outside of the allowable range. There could be too much or too little air. Visit an air pressure pump at a gas station to correct this. If that does not rectify the issue, see a mechanic.

Get Auto Servicing

If you are in Angier, North Carolina, visit Maxed Out Garage for automotive repair and servicing. We can’t wait to help you!

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